Dear colleagues!

You're welcome to participate in the nearest events:

  • Summer school "Inductive modeling: theory and applications" (July 11-15),
  • Workshop on Modeling IWIM 2016 (July 18-22),

being held at the base of physical and mathemetical school of the International Center, v. Zhukin (near the Kiev).
Regarding the participation, please, write to savchenko@irtc.org.ua

Department for Information Technologies of Inductive Modelling

  Main directions of scientific investigations:
  • theory of inductive modelling of complex processes from observation data on the basis of the group method of data handling (GMDH);
  • theory and methods of structural identification of optimum forecasting models under conditions of incomplete a priori information;
  • creation of intellectual information technologies and tools of modelling and forecasting of complex processes;
  • development of methods and solving of applied problems of analysis, modeling, forecasting and optimization of economical, ecological and technological processes.
  Received fundamental results:
  • GMDH as a method of automatic construction (self organization) of mathematical models of complex objects and processes on the basis of short sets of noisy data;
  • theory of inductive (noise-immunity) modelling on the basis of GMDH;
  • theory of structural identification of models with minimum error variance;
  The applied results:
  • The problem-oriented interactive system ASTRID for the GMDH-based modelling of complex processes.
  • A new class of GMDH algorithms - combinatorial-selective - with the polynomial dependence of computing complexity on the number of input variables;
  • Method of renewal of omissions in the interconnected statistical data series of economical and ecological processes by means of GMDH;
  • Neuronets with active neurons which algorithms based on GMDH.
  International and coordinating activity of the department:
  • The department is keeping in touch with the scientists of Russia, China, Germany, Czech, USA.
  • The department holds the seminar "Modelling of ecology-economic systems on the base of new information technologies".
   Carrying out the scientific and technical programs::
  • System of intellectual support of operative decisions for socio-economic processes management.
  • Technology of evaluation of the national economic safety.
  • Technology of exposure of adverse economical tendencies.

Our address:

International Research and Training Centre for Information Technologies and Systems;


40, pr. Akademika Glushkova ,
Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680
Phone: +38 (044) 526-30-28;
Fax: +38 (044) 526-15-70;
E-mail: mgua@irtc.org.ua.

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