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on the V International Workshop on Inductive Modelling IWIM'2012

July, 8-15 2012, Zhukyn-Kyiv, Ukraine

The IV International Workshop on Inductive Modelling IWIM'2012 was held in July 8-15, 2012, in Zhukyn near Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Program of the Workshop included 11 papers of 19 authors covering issues of the theory, technologies and applications of inductive approach in the tasks of modelling, prediction and decision making in industry, economy, medicine, ecology and others.

Researchers from different countries of the world took part in the Workshop: 18 papers were from Ukraine and 1 from Germany. Papers digest was published: Proceedings of the IV International Workshop on Inductive Modelling IWIM'2011 (ISBN 978-966-02-6078-8).

As a result of the workshop, the three priority tendencies of evolution of investigations in the field of inductive modelling were confirmed: deepening of theoretical fundamentals of GMDH; paralleling of calculations in GMDH algorithms; combining of achievements of GMDH and other methods of Computational Intelligence (hybridization).

The decision was made about holding in September 2013 a next forum on this subject, namely the V International Conference on Inductive Modelling ICIM'2013, in Kyiv, Ukraine.


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